About Us

Henan Fengli Import﹠Export Trade Co., Ltd. located in Anyang ,Henan, China.

 It founded in 2014.
Our main products are Resin bonded abrasives and Coated abrasives.
Our advantage products are Mounting stone, Fibre disc, Velcro sanding disc,

                                  Flap disc, Grinding wheel,Cutting disc, Sanding pad etc.
Our main markets are the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, European etc.

As growing,we expand the business line that is as one of a leading supplier of

undercarriage spare parts for excavotors, as Komatsu,Caterpillar, Hitachi, Kato,

Doosan, Deawoo, Volvo, Hyundai,Sumitomo, Kobelco.

Welcome customers visit our company.


Henan Fengli Import&Export Trade Co.,Ltd.
Mobile No.:0086-15515007011
Address:Room 106,North Building,No.7,Hanling Road, 

             Beiguan District,Anyang City,Henan Province,China.


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